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Leaky faucet? Toilet needing repair or replacement? Beverly Hills Plumbing is more than ready to meet your needs big or small. We offer emergency plumbing, clogged drain repair and much more.

Our experienced licensed plumbing technicians are here to handle your home or business plumbing repairs quickly and at a fair rate.

We respond quickly and provide first class service, in addition to walking you through every step of the way in the repair process. We give our customers tips on how to avoid plumbing problems and our superb workmanship in your home or office is what sets us apart from the rest.

We know you have a choice for service providers and we are dedicated to providing you with competitive pricing and long term results. We provide plumbing service for residential and commercial properties including bathroom and kitchen plumbing, HVAC systems, clogged drains, and hot water heaters. Our qualified technicians will work with your local contractor to make sure that your remodel or appliance installation schedule goes smoothly and is up to code.

Whether you need repairs or upgrades to your home or commercial property, contact us for a free estimate.


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We have built a reputation for value and trustworthiness in our community. You can visit our Google Places page for more information and read reviews for our service.

When it comes to professional, courteous and satisfaction-guaranteed plumbing, The Beverly Hills Plumbing Company is the recognized leader in customer satisfaction, and did we mention our pricing is the most competitive in the area? Try us out today.

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    Hot Water Heater Repair

    If something’s not working in your hot water heater, in most cases the problem can be solved by replacing a few parts on the heater. The only time you should replace a water heater is if rust is evident, or if the tank itself is leaking. Repairs generally run between $80 – $160 for labor, while materials and parts typically cost less than $20.

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    Clogged Drains

    There are various reasons for Clogged Drains. We have the necessary equipment to offer any type of cleaning you need while providing the clean solution necessary for our environment. We do not use harmful chemicals during drain cleaning.

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    Bathroom Faucet Replacement

    Moen, Delta and other manufacturers feature the same soft, modern styles for their bathroom faucets as well. These faucets also hold the WaterSense label. This means the faucet has met the EPA’s guidelines for water-efficient products, which means you save money.

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