Hot Water Heater Repair In Beverly Hills

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August 1, 2016
First aid to clogged kitchen sink
First aid to clogged kitchen sink
August 2, 2016
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Hot Water Heater Repair In Beverly Hills

Hot Water Heater Repair In Beverly Hills

beverly hills plumbing company water heater solutionsHot Water Heater Repair / Hot Water Heater Replacement

At Beverly Hills Plumbing Company, we offer repair or replacement services for your water heater.

In most cases, the water heater can be repaired. The only time you should replace your water heater in Beverly Hills is when rust is evident or the tank is leaking. Most hot water problems can be resolved by replacing parts on the water heater. These repairs are generally between $80.00 & $160.00 in labor. The materials usually cost less than $20.00.

The most common water heater repair is a bad element.

This repair, parts and labor, is usually only $100.00 here at Beverly  Hills Plumbing Company. The next most common repair is the thermostat. This repair is also usually only $100.00. Water Heater Replacement is usually not required. When it is required, the repair is usually around $600.00-$800.00 at Beverly Hills Plumbing Company.

Other Beverly Hills plumbing companies charge between $1000.00 & $1800.00 for the same service. So give us a call for any of your Water Heater Repair needs. And remember, “We’re Just A Phone Call Away!”

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